• "We’ve had OmBody Health leading yoga classes here at Woodard & Curran for almost two years now and everyone that participates loves the class. The instructor provides clear instructions on every move, is very patient, and asks for feedback so she can provide the type of class we want - whether it’s fast, medium or slow paced, or a restorative class. Either way, we always leave feeling rejuvenated."
    Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • "So many times I have felt like I didn't have the time to break away from my work but I committed to attending because I knew I would emerge refreshed. I always return to my desk with a sharper mind and less aches and pains."
    Senior Accountant
  • "I am an avid believer in the positive mental and physical benefits that OmBody Health's yoga classes provide; I was pretty much hooked from the first session. After class, I feel mentally relaxed and physically loose throughout my entire body."
    Implementation Consultant
  • "OmBody Health's weekly yoga classes at my work have given me the opportunity to 'unwind' the tightness that creeps into my neck, shoulders, and back after sitting in front of my computer for 8+ hours every day. I've also found that I've benefited from the meditative aspect of a regular yoga practice, with its focus on breathing and quieting the mind, seems to blow out the cobwebs and concentrate better on the task at hand."
    Software Developer
  • "OmBody Health's lunchtime yoga classes have been terrific! The teacher is excellent at tailoring classes to a diverse group with varying levels of experience. I always leave class with a renewed energy level, ready to tackle the second half of the day."
    Application Developer

At OmBody Health, we know that finding everyday vitality is as much about body as it is about mind, and we bring this balanced perspective to every company we serve. Through workshops, classes, coaching, and online programs, we use our uniquely harmonious approach to support companies in creating a culture that nurtures employee wellbeing, productivity, and engagement. We’re always working hard to refine our focus and revitalize our strategies for bringing out your organization’s best!

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