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Located in Portland, Maine, OmBody Heath was founded over six years ago with a mission to make a difference in the health of companies and their people. OmBody partners with employers to help their employees feel more valued and supported mentally, physically and emotionally so they can show up for work with more ease, creativity, purpose and vitality. OmBody supplies workplaces with simple and engaging ways of integrating stress relief, movement and mindfulness into their work days. Because work has a profound impact on one’s quality of life and health, OmBody Health focuses on helping businesses create a healthy balance of fostering connection, satisfaction and wellbeing among their employees.

OmBody Mission, Values & Formula

Chair Massage Breaks
OmBody’s short massage breaks are a simple and cost-effective way to help your employees unwind, recharge, relax and ease stress, not to mention feel appreciated! Over 75% of people who participate in OmBody chair massages at work report feeling cared for and valued by their employer.

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*Virtual* Yoga, Fitness & Meditation Breaks
Most people have heard experts say that sitting is the new smoking. OmBody’s group classes provide an energizing break from work, while teaching employees lasting skills to enhance their health and quality of life. They’re also a great opportunity for teams to engage and interact with colleagues in a new and experiential way. Now available virtually!

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Mindful WorkLife Training & Wellbeing Workshops
OmBody Health offers onsite workshops to inspire and support the team with strategies to develop mental and emotional resilience and healthy lifestyle habits. Wellbeing Workshops are perfect for Employee Health and Wellness Days, along with Leadership Team Retreats and company trainings.

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Clients of OmBody are saying…

  • Obviously fitness and stress relief. I love the community feeling of doing something healthy and positive together with my coworkers.
  • The chair massage is beneficial to me because it allows for me to take a few moments to myself, focus on my well being, and reflect on being mindful and in the moment. It relieves the stress and boosts morale!
    Bangor Savings Bank
  • The massage reduces the tension in my upper back and shoulders which builds up from using the computer and every day life. It makes me feel that Southworth cares about my overall wellbeing.
    Southworth Products
  • Really nice break in the day! I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain from working at a desk all day so this was just a great relief both mentally and physically.
    Waynflete School
  • I love the break half way through the workday, it’s a good way to relax and get away from work for an hour. After class I’m always in a better mood and more awake.
    Woodard & Curran

Select Clients of OmBody Health

OmBody works with companies of all shapes and sizes in a variety of capacities; from weekly classes to quarterly to one-time events.
Here are some of OmBody’s most committed clients…

OmBody Health

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